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The year is 2021. And the sad reality is that the current state of the job market, society and the world at large still undervalue and underappreciate women. Our fight for visibility, recognition and opportunity can be won. How?  With the help of heroes like you. Yes, you!

We believe that when girls and women are supported, the world is improved. We know that our girls can and will change the landscape of the future. Partner with us as we enlighten, encourage and embolden women of all ages to believe that they are who God says they are: intelligent, creative, skilled, talented, courageous, valuable and worthy!

When you partner with mpowHer, you are helping to educate and encourage girls and women of all ages. 100% of your monetary contribution will be used for learning materials, workplace readiness seminars, conferences, internships, community ministry and outreach.

Why not partner right now? No contribution is too small. Your participation will further our goal and mission to make the world a better place one girl and woman at a time! 

Thank you for your monetary contribution, time and prayers! God bless!