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Who We Are


Society offers its opinions as facts, many of which, we as women have incorporated into who we are. “We don't see things as they are. We see them as we are.” ~Anais Nin.

Beginning today, the power of this statement is what we will discover. Women will be enlightened, encouraged and emboldened to cast aside the trappings of popular culture and come into agreement with who God created us to be: His beautifully and wonderfully created daughters. mpowHer! is a faith-based women’s empowerment initiative.


mpowHer! is dedicated to advocating for and educating the uninspired, maximizing their experiences through positive engagement and leading the charge for change.

What We Do

Happy Young Girls

In our efforts to better the whole of society by  empowering women of all ages and backgrounds, we offer age-specific classes on both practical and spiritual topics like Peer Pressure, Insecurity, Purpose, Godly character, etc.

The program is conducted in four or eight week educational blocks in which the attendants are invited to be supported, mentored and celebrated through their transformational journey.

Our participants can be the change that the world needs to see once they come into agreement with who God made them and put their passion and potential into their purpose.

Who We Help

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Treasures (K-8)

This curriculum level guides girls along their journey to discovering their God-given destiny and purpose by inspiring confidence, acceptance and a desire to achieve success. Girls at this age are impressionable and experience increasing levels of peer pressure. mpowHer! will provide scripturally sound principles coupled with practical application, tools and skills that will mature with them.

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Gems (9-12)

This curriculum level focuses on the transition from youth to adulthood. This time is a critical one in a young person’s life and mpowHer! will provide scripturally wise and sound direction to aid them with their view of the world, careers and relationships. Our world is in need of courageous agents of change, and these young women will be ready to meet that challenge!

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Jewels (College +)

This curriculum level aids women in their advancement to excellence. We will focus on the application of the lessons learned through the challenges and

circumstances they’ve experienced.

Detrimental practices will be replaced with positive behaviors to ensure these women exemplify the character

attributes and traits we want our young women to espouse. These women will be equipped with skills and disciplines to reach back and mentor those coming

behind them.

The unfortunate truth is that identity crisis is a real threat. Its damage is being experienced by the youngest and most vulnerable of society: our children. As adults, we all must dedicate ourselves to building a strong foundation of God's truth upon which our youth can build happy, healthy and successful lives!